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Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch: Cool, Composed, Comforting

Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s WatchSleek and styled to tick with the current times, the Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch helps you to put forth your statement without any effort.

When you want your style statement to flow easy, the Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch does it for you. It looks the way the vintage clocks do, which brings to the Grant a timeless, antique appeal.

It is indeed refreshing to see a brown-tinted dial amidst a sea of blacks and whites and blues, matched with a genuine leather strap with a light brown shade. The colour scheme reinforces the Grant’s classic appeal all the more and makes it more of a wrist essential than a mere wristwatch that’s versatile enough to be worn to formal occasions but built to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

The Fossil Pilot 54 Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch has gold-toned Roman numerals set against the light brown dial that also accommodates the chronograph sub dials, bringing an artistic balance and a sense of depth with the cut-off effect.

The calfskin band and the buckle enclosure of the Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch along with its mineral crystal covering the face packs a twist; what’s exclusively made for the sports domain now finds place in the classy side of life. The tasteful pairing of the classic analogue look and a 3 dial chronograph is anything but a reckless pushing of the envelope; it is Fossil pulling the design off in style. It’s just quiet elegance and calm confidence that tempts you and also make you ask questions about why other watchmakers are not taking the same approach with their designs.

For the Fossil Sport Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch sports a combination resulting in an overall impression that is quite a feat! The sophistication and tech-savviness combine to make the Grant chronograph recognizable as a more serious timepiece that brings to the table an impact that others in the price range fail to deliver.

The quartz movement is a blessing for apart from keeping the price low, it is maintenance-free and doesn’t require t be worn or winded every second day. That means – a freedom to wear the piece and quartz is also more accurate than mechanical. It’s also sturdier than a mechanical movement and is not going to give away with a few knocks and bumps.

So at the end, if you’re on the fence deciding what your next dress watch is going to be, opt for the Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch with cool confidence, especially if you have a tight budget. There’s no need to take any long, hard look at it; the Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5209 Men’s Watch brings you pleasant surprises that takes you to another level of dressing.

Post by Jasson C (2017-01-20 09:59)

Tags: Fossil Grant Chronograph Fossil Dean

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